What is the Perfect Temperature to Drink Your Cup of Coffee

Everyone loves their coffee served at a range of temperatures. We all have that friend who loves their coffee ‘extra hot’.

Most barista’s know that heating the milk to a certain temperature is a crucial part of your daily coffee experience.

So what is the perfect temperature to drink your coffee?

Milk can burn if heated above the right temperature. Most people when they ask for their coffee to be “extra hot”, the barista is going to steam your milk above the recommended temperature which leaves you with a burnt coffee.

Casein is a protein found in your milk, and it is this protein and the sugars that allow your coffee to be creamy and smooth.

When the milk is heated too high, the Casein will change, and it won’t go back to normal by cooling down. Steaming the milk above 60degrees scalds the milk and because the sugars have completely broken down, and the protein changes the milk has no sweetness left.