Caves Coffee Blend



  • Brazil pulp natural process
  • Ethiopian Djimma natural process

Tasting Notes

This blend is the milk chocolate version in our range. Ideal balance between the fruitiness of a natural processed ethiopian from the Djimma region and the smooth milk chocolate character and hazelnuts found in a pulp-natural Brazilian coffee. With a ‘mid-point’ roast profile that maximises full body, avoids bitterness which delivers a rich complex flavour with milk.

The brewing algorithm for this coffee is slightly more relaxed than the dark chocolate (Hargraves) blend, and the syrup-like viscosity is of less importance here.

This coffee is roasted on a Probat, with precise Agtron targets, nitrogen flushed and cellared; and supported by 12 month supply agreements to achieve year on year consistency.


250gm, 1kg


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