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Wholesale coffee beans


Culinary Espresso works with cafes, restaurants and corporate offices to deliver the best coffee beans on a regular basis.

The biggest problem that you, as the cafe owner or manager, face in today’s frenetic pace is finding the time to call the roaster and or even simply remembering to order in the first place. Our simple bulk ordering system allows:

  • no need to phone or email – simply log in and order online
  • we can organise a set delivery each week
  • no contracts – we believe in earning your business rather than forcing your hand
  • quickly add to cart buttons to make it even easier to add different varieties of coffee

Our Wholesale Coffee Blends

Hargraves Blend (Signature Blend)


  • Brazil Santos Natural process
  • Ethiopian Mocha natural process
  • Indian washed process canephora

Tasting Notes

Your stereotypical Southern Italian blend with light fruity acidity, and a strong body, dominated by dark chocolate and caramel praline. Rich cocoa notes linger on the pallet long after the initial taste.


This blend offers a unique rich yet smooth experience for difficult to please short-black drinkers, achieved through a brewing algorithm that maximises viscosity. It is also versatile enough to satisfy the majority of Australians who prefer their coffee with milk.

Caves Blend


  • Brazil pulp natural process
  • Ethiopian Djimma natural process

Tasting Notes

This blend is the milk chocolate version in our range. Ideal balance between the fruitiness of a natural processed Ethiopian from the Djimma region and the smooth milk chocolate character and hazelnuts found in a pulp-natural Brazilian coffee. With a ‘mid-point’ roast profile that maximises full body, avoids bitterness which delivers a rich complex flavour with milk.

The brewing algorithm for this coffee is slightly more relaxed than the dark chocolate (Hargraves) blend, and the syrup-like viscosity is of less importance here.

Organic Blend


  • 3 parts Central American washed process
  • 1 part Indonesian Sumatra washed process
  • 1 part East African natural process

Tasting Notes

With a pleasant acidity upfront as a black, this socially responsible coffee includes a rich array of up to 5 separate organic origins:

The majority of the blend is based on origins from Central America, balanced by a rich African, and a smooth bodied Indonesian to complement.

This is a very well rounded coffee with great depth and a malty finish in milk.

All of our coffee is roasted on a Probat, with precise Agtron targets, nitrogen flushed and cellared, and supported by 12 month supply agreements to achieve year on year consistency.

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